Feed our Frontline

About us

FeedOurFrontline aims to provide our frontline healthcare professionals with a home delivered meal for them and their families so that they have one less thing to worry about as they front the battle against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

FeedOurFrontline is a not for profit COVID-19 initiative. 

We are inviting everyone in Jersey, Companies and individuals, to donate via this webpage.



helps to provide home delivery meal for a healthcare worker


helps to provide a home delivery meal for a healthcare worker and their family.

Feed our Frontline

They are putting their lives on the line. Many are having to stay away from their own families.. and they often face empty shelves when they leave their shift. The least we can do is step up and help with something more than a clap.

#FeedOurFrontline is working with the Hospital authorities to make sure that we can identify those who we can best support. The more you give, the more people we can help.

As an added bonus, #FeedOurFrontline will provide much needed income for our beleaguered restaurants.

In addition to the core programme we will be working with Caring cooks and a handful of Restaurants and volunteers in every Parish to pay for delivery meals to the elderly and vulnerable across the island.

This will be the islands way of saying thank you to frontline workers and to work together to help everyone through this crisis.

Corporate pledges from Jersey business and Trust and Foundation donations also welcome.

Together, we can do this.

How #FeedOurFrontline Works

More detail on how #FeedOurFrontline is operating, and how donations are being distributed.

  1. Feedourfrontline has been set out to provide meal vouchers for those healthcare staff most directly involved with the Covid crisis. A SOJ Health department team (The “Acts of Kindness” Team) invited 300 people that they considered met the criteria to register for meal vouchers. We understand that there are other acts of kindness being shared by the SOJ team with the wider frontline.

  2. The meal vouchers are produced by www.fetch.je and www.food.je and they manage the redemption of those vouchers.  However, Feedourfrontline manages the distribution of vouchers in conjunction with the SOJ “Acts of Kindness” Team. For clarity, vouchers are not issued to anybody outside of the 300 people identified by the SOJ “Acts of Kindness” Team.

  3. The majority of registrations were received over the weekend of 25/26 April. Two batches of vouchers have been issued so far. Feedourfrontline has received sufficient funds to provide vouchers once a week until the end of May.

  4. 20% of the funds donated (after 5% expenses noted in 5d below) will be paid to www.caringcooksofjersey.com and two payments have been actioned to date

  5. Feedourfrontline is not a separate legal entity and is also not a registered charity, simply because of the time and cost required to create the entity and register it as a charity. Our aim was to get the maximum amount of funds to people in the minimum time possible. However, the following should be noted:
  1. The donations are received directly by SportsGiving, an established third-party platform used by many leading charities and organisations for fundraising. 
  2. The payments are made directly by SportsGiving to www.fetch.je and www.food.je and www.caringcooksofjersey.com – the individuals concerned with the initiative do not have control over, or indeed access to, the funds donated.
  3. A governance committee of 4 respected finance professionals (2 accountants and 2 lawyers) oversee the payments to ensure that all money donated is spent exclusively on these two programmes.  
  4. All work undertaken to create Feedourfrontline was provided without charge as is the ongoing governance.  5% of the funds donated are being used to fund the expenses of the platform (e.g. platform and payment collection costs, website hosting, email service, and domain registration).
  5. Once all funds have been expended, and no further donations are received, a full statement of receipts and payments will be published for all to see.